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Our business is built on the success of the people we partner with. Simply put, we love keeping good company. We've been lucky enough to help many independent cafés and other gastronomy businesses build and refine their own stories. We'd love to help you write yours. 


Whether it's still a dream in your head or you're a bit further along in your own coffee journey, feel free to drop us an email at: to discuss coffee supply, machinery solutions and/or the range of other services and support we have available to our wholesale partners.


If you are interested in Reeham Coffee for your office or workplace, we are here to help you too. Any business can open an office account with us and we'll regularly deliver you fresh Reeham Coffee.

Your Own Coffee

Mix, taste and sell your own coffee with Reeham.

Reeham Coffee - Tasting mit Kaffee Bohnen verschiedener Anbaugebiete

Our Coffee Service

An exclusive selection of beans from several many different cultivating countries combined with our Coffee Expertise makes for a great coffee. We will consult, mix and taste until we find the right match for your coffee shop, your own brand and you.

Qualitätskontrolle der ungerösteten Kaffeebohnen

Kaffee Tasting mit Bohnen verschiedener Anbaugebiete

Choose your blend

Our coffee beans are always quality-checked and come from many different plantations. At Reeham Coffee we are always open to all kinds of flavours. Create your own blend and distinct taste that suits your customers, your business and you.

Coffee Tasting

Come and taste your own coffee in our roastery.

Come and visit us for a Coffee Tasting Experience; from selecting the beans to a roasting experience to quality tasting. Or you can come visit us any time in our café.

Coffee Roasting

Our roastery can produce up to 3 tonnes a day.

Customised Solutions

Kaffee Behälter in verschiedenen Größen verfügbar

Reeham Coffee is providing businesses with customised solutions.

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