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The region of Chiapas in Mexico produces some of the most pristine coffee in the world. Its environment features a number of groves where coffee trees can thrive under optimal conditions: a coffee grower's dream.


With a variety of tropical microclimates near the Pacific, fertile volcanic soils, and misty cloud forests, the coffee beans grown here develop a very distinct character. Coffee trees grow in remotely placed orchards and mature while being isolated in high altitudes, all under the shade of other tree canopies.


Ripe conditions for harvest occur naturally in this rainy sanctuary, with no requirement for manual intervention. Organic Arabica beans from this region can grow to exceptional size and are known to boast saturated flavors with a great balance. Robusta beans from this region add an unexpected touch not found anywhere else. 

* * *

These beans form the centerpiece of Reeham. Along with the terrain and culture of Chiapas, this coffee became the main inspiration behind our brand. 


We ventured to this part of the world to experience for ourselves why this coffee is regarded by many as the best in the world. Ever since our exploration, we understand why.

As we continue to explore other regions of the world, this coffee will serve as the standard to live up to.