Although we have a fully automatic machine, with all the bells and whistles, we still need to oversee every single roast. Why? Because every day is different. Every day the outside temperature has changed, humidity levels vary and the body of each bean is different. Therefore every time the beans are roasted the timing can vary from 8 to 18 minutes to adjust for those differences. Reeham will literally leave no bean unturned!

Our roasters

In order to create a rich tasting cup of coffee for you, we have to process the beans in such a way, that their full soul and body are released. 

Having scoured the market and done our research, we finally found a machine and more importantly a company that matched the exacting standards we set ourselves on a daily basis. Based on the feedback you've been giving us, we'd say you agree.

Our beans

Rich tasting, flavourful coffee starts with a rich smelling bean that's waiting to be unlocked. Again, through Maher's dedication to his craft and leaving no bean unturned, we found the right plantations. These growers guarantee us high quality beans which are not only organic, but more importantly, pesticide free. After all, we want to taste the full flavour of each single bean right?

It's all in the details

Of course our roaster is fully-automated, but what is fully-automated? Does it replace the human? We believe it doesn't. Why? Because every batch of beans that we receive is different; humidity levels, weight etc. Therefore Maher has to adjust the roaster each time in order for you to get that Reeham Coffee taste you've come to love.

No bean left behind

Just because the beans are in the machine and the roaster has been switched on, doesn't mean we can take a break. Au contraire, Maher has to continuously probe and see how the beans are doing.

He smells them, looks at them and even listens to how and when they crack. No bean unturned, remember?

Our crystal ball

We can't look into the future, but we can look into our roaster and tell how the latest batch is doing. Let's be honest, it does get a bit warm in there, so best stay on the outside looking in.

Only when Maher is truly happy with what he sees, what he's smelling and what he's hearing, are the beans deemed ready for you and your next cup of Reeham Coffee.

Last but not least

Maher never stops checking to make sure that he's unlocked the full flavour that was hidden inside. Over and over, always looking for the smallest inconsistencies in order to bring you a cup truly filled with flavour, body, soul and made with love. 

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