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We are proud to share our passion for everything coffee with you on our new website, starting with how we got to where we are.

From where our beans are grown, to how we roast them, we are looking forward to going on this journey together, one cup at a time.

Reeham Story - Mahers first contact with Coffee


By the time Maher was born in El Kef (Tunisia) in 1986, his great-uncle had already set up Café Magri in town and to this very day it continues to be run by one of his uncles.
In 1994 Maher moved to Paris, where a different uncle had set up a separate Café Magri in 1988. This meant that whenever Maher was off from school he was able to help out and learn. It is this uncle that came up with the family recipe (coffee blend), which the Reeham brand proudly boasts.


Chiapas beans are the centerpiece at Reeham. We ventured to this part of the world to experience why this coffee is regarded by many as the best in the world. Its environment features a number of groves where coffee trees can thrive under optimal conditions: a coffee grower's dream.

As we explore other world regions, these beans will continue to serve as our standard.

Reeham Story - Chiapas coffee beans supplied to Reeham for a good coffee

Reeham Story - quality picked coffee beans are the best for our coffee


Harvesting is predominantly a family affair. This means the whole family gets involved when it’s time to pick the beans. 


In order for us to keep producing the most flavourful cup of coffee for you we work with experts throughout our production chain, from the coffee farmers to the Hamburg-based importer with more than 100 years of experience.

Reeham Story - Good connections with expert suppliers and customers bear a high value at Reeham Coffee

Reeham Story - Established coffee knowledge by Maher makes for a good coffee


In 2010 Maher decided to up sticks and move to Germany, settling in Berlin. He was finally able to open his own coffee shop on 15 April 2017 in the Kottbusser Damm area of town before moving into his current location we all know and love in the Schlüterstraße on 23 March 2018. Not only did he open his shop on that day, but that’s the day when Reeham Roastery saw the light of day!


Another very important component when producing coffee is the roasting machine itself. After thorough research we found a company that met our requirements. Not only did we want a technologically advanced machine, but we also wanted to work with a company that offers great customer service. We did not want to miss a day of anyone enjoying their favourite coffee.

Reeham Story - Own Roastery with 2 seperate roasting machines

Reeham Coffee Logo and its story behind it

Have you ever had a look at our logo and wondered what it meant? What did you see when you first saw it? A tree? Something else? Well, our tree has a much deeper meaning than you might at first glance think. The trunk represents Maher's hands and its leaves are all the hands from his relatives; mother, father, uncles, aunts, sister........

As the business has grown, so too has the trunk and its importance in caring for and supporting its 'leaves'. This is why Reeham Coffee always has and always will stand for being tolerant and accepting of anyone.   

Good coffee                          is reeham coffee